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Almost a year ago, Richard Burns and I, sat down to discuss how we could help raise funds for @dinokenggamereserve to horn implant 15 white rhino. We hatched a plan and via my foundation @kevinrichardsonfoundation and his company @wildskiesaviation we decided to have raffle, the prize being a trip of a life time to some lucky winner and their partner. At the time it seemed like a daunting challenge but we put it together and today we hosted the lucky winner Amanda Shine and her husband. To say they had the time of their lives is an understatement! For just $10 Amanda won an all expenses paid trip from the UK, with her husband, to witness conservation in action. The day started with an incredible helicopter scenic flight over the reserve to @mongenalodge (who graciously offered 3 nights stay as part of the prize 🙌🏼). Then onto the real conservation work of horn implanting 2 white rhino, so as to better protect them from unscrupulous poachers. With horn implants the rhino get to keep their horns and we are able to monitor them intensively as a result. The prize also consisted of a 2 night stay at the sanctuary, a tour of the sanctuary to meet all the world famous characters who inadvertently were the hero’s in raising the money for the rhinos. Who said that my captive lions don’t contribute to conservation? To date we have successfully managed to horn implant all 15 rhino we set out to do! A huge thanks to all who contributed to this ambitious project. Perhaps the next time my foundation runs a conservation raffle, you’ll enter. After all, even if you don’t win, your $10 will go a long way in helping us try protect the world’s natural heritage.
A special thanks to @wildskiesaviation for always selflessly giving of your time and resources to help save the animals 🙏🏼
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