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Thank you @zanemeyer and @chopemdownfilms for filming some of my most recent murals! Here’s one from a mural that @vhils and I collaborated on last year called "American Dreamers” #SilverLake. My “Target Exceptions” image, in the center of the mural, addresses the challenges of both visiting and becoming a resident of the United States, for many people. As it turns out, there are various target criteria that make a person an ideal candidate to immigrate, but most people who might long to fulfill the “American Dream” are exceptions to the target qualifications, especially considering the attitudes and attempted policies of the current administration.
Vhils liked the style and sentiment of my image and added his own chiseled textures and portraits with women of different ages to symbolize the multi-generational nature of the struggles of immigrants.⠀
Thank you @vhils, @oti.official, @macksennettstudios for the opportunity for this mural and @chopemdownfilms for making this video your number one of 2018! Music by @glenportermusic. - Shepard

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