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"I woke up on Saturday morning in complete distress, outraged by the murder of George Floyd. At the same time, I was paralyzed, terrified to protest because of coronavirus. After hearing the words of Killer Mike @killermike and Cornel West @brothercornelwest, I realized that it was my duty to use my craft to help people cope with, process, and channel the emotional fire brought on by this injustice. We have to use this energy productively. We cannot use this energy to burn our house down. The following film chronicles my neighborhood’s overwhelming response to the death of George Floyd. #blacklivesmatter #wearegeorgefloyd" - @julianmarshall

Julian Marshall interned with me 10 years ago while attending RISD. He’s been documenting protests and made a compelling video of the current #BlackLivesMatter protests. The intensity conveyed by the footage, and the wise commentary from Killer Mike @killermike and Cornel West @brothercornelwest about a path forward are juxtaposed, leaving you feeling the gravity of this powerful moment, and how critical the push for justice is. - Shepard

Visit the (link in bio) for more information.

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