TOKiMONSTAのインスタグラム(tokimonsta) - 7月30日 04時12分

My heart aches so much. Goodbye Ras G @afrikanspaceprogram , my backwood loving modern Sun-Ra. You were at my first beat cypher at Project Blowed and always looked out for me in those early years. You always saved a spot for me at Low End. You were a the special key in @brainfeederrecords . You let me smoke my first backwood when we stayed in that big weird house in Arcata, just you and me. We adventured through London, the only time I’ve seen you without any trees. You were famously humble and kind. You were down to drink soju w me in Ktown. You even got me hooked up at Palm Grove Ethiopian just bc the Auntie loved you so much. You made it to the Spacebase, which you always said is “the place.” This is us at the Crosby in 2009, then us going through records at Poobah, and the last is the photo I took when we were in Arcata. RIP homie. I hope you smash the red on the mixer and blow their sound system up there.

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