If you do ANYTHING TODAY-please watch this, subscribe&share it.We’ve worked very hard on it. I’m the Co-Executive producer, a guest and couldn’t be more proud and excited. My dear brother @gregstoneocean is one of the world’s leading Ocean Scientist and I’ve team up with him to create a Podcast to bring some of the greatest voices to speak on the importance of our oceans. Our future is dependent our oceans. We will discuss not only the dire situation that are our oceans but how to fix them. Real solutions. Real facts. Real people. We must STOP senselessly polluting and over fishing waters or there will be no us. Period. The science is in. Are you in? I have been diving for years with Dr. Stone&what you will learn from him in a short span of time will change your life. He’s one of my greatest heroes and I’m pretty certain he will be one of yours. Our AMAZING Season 1 guests include (the one and only) Jared Diamond, Philippe Cousteau, Ocean Ramsey and Kelly Slater, Benjamin Kay (a Marine Biologist and high school teacher changing kids’ lives in Santa Monica,CA), Wyland the incredible marine artist, Dr. Stone and more powerful people that are voices of the Sea. Such a powerful and unique group of people. Oh and I’m a guest on our show too as I mentioned earlier! Our second season lineup is cooking up and will blow you way. I’m so stoked! Love you all and I thank you. Go to my bio please. Click. Subscribe. I’m going to work hard to make sure you see this and we’re going to work hard to produce a show that interests you and inspires but most importantly creates ACTION. The time to heal our oceans in NOW! Thank you!!!!

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