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Hi guys !
Happy Friday !!
Not sure if you guys remember me mentioning I’m nominated for a @hollywoodbeautyawards . This year for the first time , it’s going to be televised but also open for voter participants (YOU GUYS) to vote for us .
I don’t want to make this a social media popularity contest. If you feel inclined to vote for me ( based of my work) the link will be in the bio. It’s a little confusing because you have to select one candidate in each category listed for the vote to be counted ( their links are their so you can see everyone’s work). Congrats to everyone nominated this year ! I’m already feeling so blessed and for that I’ve already won in my heart . Hope your all feeling like a winner on this blessful Friday . Have a beautiful and safe weekend all. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ LINKS ON MY PAGE ☝🏾








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